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Safety, use and care instructions

Before commissioning the KessTech exhaust system, it is essential to observe the following instructions. Only by observing the instructions is the longevity and functionality of the exhaust system and the health of the user guaranteed. 

  1.  Never change modes or use the power feature when cornering or on wet, slippery, damp, or unpaved roads, as changing modes causes a change in torque and can cause the rear wheel to slip.
  2. The safety of the driver depends on the correct installation of the complete KessTech exhaust system. Therefore, have the KessTech exhaust system installed, maintained and repaired only by an authorized specialist. Improper installation can lead to injuries.
  3. Only perform assembly, disassembly, adjustment, maintenance or servicing work on the exhaust system when the engine and the system have cooled down completely. Operations on or near the exhaust system can lead to severe burns.
  4. Only touch moving parts when the exhaust system is disconnected from the power supply. Otherwise, injuries may occur.
  5. Ensure that the DC-motors are not shielded from the airstream. This can lead to overheating of the servomotors and permanently damage them.
  6. Ensure that DC-motors, drive shafts and cables are not in contact with other vehicle parts.
  7. Clean the exhaust system before commissioning and when it is still cold to prevent contamination particles from being burned in. After contact with corrosion-promoting substances (e.g. salt), the system must also be cleaned. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or cleaning agents containing solvents. A silicone-free glass cleaner is recommended for matt systems, and a polish for new lacquers is also recommended for glossy systems.
  8. Do not use lubricants on moving parts of the exhaust system.
  9. Map changes are not recommended and can lead to a warranty exclusion as well as loss of conformity. KessTech exhaust systems are always developed, constructed, designed and homologated for the delivery condition of the original vehicle. Whether an assembly of further accessories together with a KessTech exhaust system is possible and still legal, cannot be judged by MEC GmbH and therefore assumes no warranty or liability.
  10. In case of disregard of one, some or all of the above mentioned safety, use and care instructions, MEC GmbH cannot be held liable for any damage. The warranty will be voided if necessary.
  11. If you have any further questions, please contact our support Mo-Fr from 10:00-13:00 and from 14:00-17:00 by e-mail or phone (+49 9521 95420-0).