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Welcome to the world of KessTech

For more than 40 years our world turns around the adjustable exhaust system. What once begun mechanically adjustable, today is a piece of High-Tech made in Germany. To be more precise: Made in Obertheres, admittedly a little country-side village in Unterfranken.

We are not only the inventors of the adjustable exhaust systems, today we also are the market leader for electronically and mechanically self-regulating exhaust systems with an EC type approval for Harley-Davidson, Indian Motorcycle and BMW motorbikes in Europe.

Every morning more than 40 employees start their work – highly motivated and happy to putting the stamp “Made in Germany” on our products! With now over 50.000 systems sold, KessTech has made a significant name for itself in the scene. KessTech stands for technology, quality and a unique sound.

Since 2021, the brand's portfolio has also included non-adjustable exhaust systems.

The sound makes the music

We can write many things – but you just have to hear and feel the sound! The sound of a KessTech exhaust system is so prominent and pleasantly warm that it not only fills your ears with enthusiasm, but it makes a cosy shiver run down your spine. We and our customers experience such joyful moments every day. That's why our slogan is: "Live your moment."

Of course, there are other exhaust systems, but none are built with the attention to detail like a KessTech exhaust system. With our patented sound we provide maximum joy no matter what throttle position – and this always legal!

Quality – more than a single word!

Our exhaust systems are legal! And the sound is awesome. And what’s about the quality? Outstanding – it is not only our opinion, but numerous product tests over the last years have proven it. Every production step is under our control: from the exhaust development up to the final assembly. Our strict quality assurance makes that only those things, which fulfil requirements of our quality processes, will leave the sacred halls in Obertheres. In addition, because we are confident about our product quality, we provide a 4-year guarantee for our exhaust valve! This is 2 years more than the industry standard.