All in one: Fantastic sound, great looks, unmatched quality and all legal

With a KessTech system you don't just ride a motorcycle - you live it! See it, hear it and feel it. This is your moment on two wheels. No other exhaust manufacturer succeeds so well in bringing the exhaust sound so pure and at the same time 100% legal to the streets. That' s how we create these unique moments of happiness, which are the reason why we ride motorcycles! So what are you waiting for? "Live your moment." Our electronics ensure that the sound system provides the biker with an unique sound experience and that it can be driven totally legal at the same time. These electronics ensure that the exhaust sound always complies with the applicable laws.

In short: as an owner of a KessTech adjustable exhaust system you can permanently and legally experience a great sound. You as the driver decide which of the different modes you like to choose, may it be ESM (2 sound modes) or ESE (3 sound modes). With ESE: out of town, following winding roads, towards the sun, freedom pure on two wheels – the perfect environment for the ON mode! Or even longer trips in the MEDIUM mode. In the evening heading back towards home, back into town, into your residential district – now totally ESE switching towards OFF mode and your neighbors will welcome you with a smile! With KessTech you can adapt your sound to your environment and have fun that way. You can also drive chilled and smoothly on longer tours or drive through town.


Our Sound:

  • Full-Volume Sound due to fully utilized volume
  • optimum performance over the entire RPM range in all three modes
  • ESE Software Upgrades always for free
  • 2 years (non adjustable) or 4 years (adjustable) warranty
  • Active Engine Protection
  • Power-Feature
  • Made in Germany
  • 100 % Legal
Kesstech exhaust in detail

ESE (Electronic Sound Experience)

ESE (Electronic Sound Experience) enables the biker an unique driving experience with Full-Volume Sound. In addition to the OFF and ON mode, ESE is equipped with a third mode MEDIUM, in which the exhaust valve takes on an intermediate  position and provides the rider with an additional, third, cleary distinguishable sound option. Additionall, there are two market innovations – the Power-Feature and the Active Engine Protection: 

ESE provides you with power, if you require it! In the OFF and the MEDIUM mode, an additional burst of power is available. ESE automatically detects when a rider suddenly requires more power (for example while overtaking or in a dangerous situation that requires immediate power) and delivers the additional power without that the rider has to change the mode.

Active Engine Protection
When you are in OFF mode and ESE detects that the vehicle engine is getting hotter and hotter, for example at a red light, the valve opens automatically a little bit in order to reduce the exhaust gas back pressure and to let the heat go out. If the driving profile changes to a thermally more uncritical situation, you will change to OFF mode again.

ESE Software Upgrade at no cost
We are coming up with something new again and again. Therefore, all ESE systems will always receive future software upgrades at no cost! For this, the electronic has to be sent to KessTech and we make sure it is up to date. 

ESE Taster OFF mode
ESE exhaust OFF mode

OFF Mode

Whenever you feel like, you can drive quietly < OEM, in a residential zone, passing by the city park or when arriving home late – everbody will love you!

ESE Taster ON mode
ESE exhaust ON mode

ON Mode

Whenever you as driver feel like enjoying the full sound, you can drive in the ON mode, when on a country side road, driving thru hills and valleys or passing by your city café – you will love it!

ESE Taster MEDIUM mode
ESE exhaust MEDIUM mode


Whenever you like, you can also try the MEDIUM mode – by using MEDIUM you are able to enjoy longer trips much more relaxed or while having your buddy on the bike – not only you, but your partner will love it! MEDIUM mode ist just available while driving.

KessTech dealers, your exhaust specialist

KessTech High Tech adjustable exhaust systems are Made in Germany. For the best product advice, service and proper exhaust installation we recommend you contact one of our trained and certified dealers. Our dealers are specialists who know our high quality products inside out – you will be in safe hands with your bike.

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