KessTech Pro-Line


In celebration of our 40th company anniversary in 2024, we are expanding our product range with a new product line:

KessTech Pro-Line.

You will find our Pro-Line on all Euro 4 and Euro 5 Harley-Davidson and Indian models. But what are the advantages for me? We have summarized it for you here.

Your advantages

8 years warranty

When installed by our specialist dealers, you receive a 4-year warranty as standard. After an uncomplicated and free online registration, you will receive a further 4-year warranty on your Pro-Line flap exhaust system. Our warranty covers all components, coatings, electronics, motors, etc..

Individual styles

Give your KESSTECH flap exhaust system the finishing touches, e.g. with 24K gold end caps, a system with a brushed stainless steel finish, and much more.

Special features

  • Racestart (Experience the full sound of your bike right at the start)
  • Mode Save (Saves your desired mode for the start)


For ALL ESE (Euro 4 & 5)

What does he do?

It allows the start process to be saved in the desired mode, regardless of whether ON or OFF mode! 

Is that legal? 

Yes, because in every mode all values, whether emission, power or sound pressure level, are always complied with! 

Does this eliminate the race start?

No, because this is a feature of the OFF mode. 
It remains adjustable (hold the handlebar button for 5 seconds, the green LED lights up briefly and if you then release the button, you will receive the familiar confirmation 3x heartbeat blue active / 3x heartbeat green deactivated race start).

How do I save the desired mode for starting? 

You hold down the handlebar button for 8 seconds when stationary, ignore the RS display with the green light and after 8 seconds the handlebar button confirms the mode safe with green-blue / green-blue / green-blue! 

Important: The mode you change to when you press the button is saved! 
To start the ON mode, press and hold the button in OFF mode. When pressed, the LED changes to blue, changes the mode and saves it after 8 seconds. 
Conversely, if you press this in ON mode and then keep the button pressed for 8 seconds, you switch to OFF mode Start!