New generation of the KessTech electronic – ESM3

The KESSTECH team is giving its best every day to enable each motorcyclist his very own personally driving pleasure. Among the multiple demands of the different customers it is most important that the sound system is able to be used staightforwardly and intuitively, combined with a high comfort. And it is always legal at the same time. For that KESSTECH found a solution – the 3rd generation of the electric sound management ESM3. This new electronic is optimized for the daily use. “Thereby, the KESSTECH driving experience reaches a whole new level.”, Bastian Thomas, Head of Research & Development, expressed his satisfaction and completes, “With the new ESM3 we are setting new standards for legal adjustable exhaust systems and give the biker a much more optimized system at his hand.”.

The new electronic will be available for all 2016 models of Harley-Davidson and BMW bikes. KESSTECH will show the first models at the European Bike Week in Faak am See, Austria. The KESSTECH team is working on an upgrade to enable also existing customers to enjoy the new electronic.