Tough Times need strong Responses – Special Deal!

In times like these, people need to stick together even more than usual. Not just individual countries, companies or families, but all of us! 

This situation, which was totally unimaginable just a few weeks ago, requires exceptional measures. Despite closed shops, we want to give you, the bikers, the perfect start to the motorcycle season, which you were still dreaming of just a few days ago!


Starting now, you will be able to order an exhaust system directly from KessTech for the period in which the sales rooms are closed. 


How does that work? Quite simple:

  1. Order: Online directly via our configurator.
  2. Special deal: 20% off the RRP + voucher* worth € 150. 
  3. Voucher: can be redeemed for a share of the cost of the installation of the exhaust at the dealer and will then be credited to the dealer by KessTech.
  4. Delivery: The exhaust system will be sent directly to your participating dealer.


Your advantages:

  1. Extremely good deal in extreme times - 20% plus € 150 installation voucher.
  2. In hard times you get a good deal and of course you also do something good for us and the dealers. 


This special offer and also the possibility to order online is only valid for the extreme time of crisis as long as the sales rooms are closed. 


Stay healthy and safe!

*Only valid at participating dealers.

Only one exhaust system can be ordered per end customer. Exhaust systems that are shipped to Switzerland can exclusively be shipped to dealers due to tax regulations. At the moment the Tough Times Sale is not valid in the Netherlands because dealerships there are still open.