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Get your friends excited about KessTech and grab »35€«!

You are totally happy with your KessTech system and you would like to share your enthusiasm with your family and friends? Go for it! For every referral you will get 35€ cashback from us! Would you like to do something good instead? Then contribute the 35€ to our big UNICEF donation at the end of the year!

1. Recommend KessTech

You already have a KessTech system and are enthusiastic about the sound? Perfect! Share your enthusiasm with your family and friends!

2. Write an email

One of your friends bought a KessTech system? Write an email up to 4 weeks after the exhaust delivery to

3. Grab 35€

After we have checked your email, we will transfer 35€ cashback to your bank account or put it aside for our year-end donation to UNICEF!

The following information should be included in your email:

  • Your name and serial number of your exhaust system (alternatively: invoice of your exhaust system)
  • The name and serial number of your friend's exhaust system
  • A short information whether we should pay out the amount to you or donate it to UNICEF
  • Your IBAN, if you want to get paid the 35€ cashback