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Friends recruit friends - Terms & Conditions of participation

Terms & Conditions

      1. Your are not allowed to nominate yourself.
      2. Per recruited person there can be only one nominator.
      3. The nominator must contact KESSTECH GmbH by email within 4 weeks of delivery of the exhaust system.
      4. The email must contain the following information:
             - Name of the nominator and serial number or copy of invoice of his KessTech system as proof
             - Name and serial number of the nominated person
             - Brief information on whether the amount should be paid or donated to UNICEF
      5. If a copy of the invoice is sent as proof, it must be clearly identifiable that it is a purchase of a KessTech system. In addition, the name of the nominator must be clearly identifiable.
      6. If payment of the premium is desired, the nominator's bank details (IBAN) must also be provided for the transfer of the premium.
      7. If a donation to UNICEF is requested, the amount will be put aside by KESSTECH GmbH and transferred collectively to UNICEF at the end of each year.
      8. A donation receipt cannot be issued.
      9. Exhausts purchased before 04.02.2019 cannot be considered "nominated".
      10. Exhaust systems purchased at events are included.
      11. Employees of KESSTECH GmbH and dealers of KESSTECH GmbH are excluded from participation.
      12. The promotion only applies directly to end customers.
      13. Persons from Europe who already have a KessTech system are eligible to participate.
      14. The payment period of the bonus is approx. 20-35 days after sending the email. The amount will be transferred to the specified bank account.
      15. The bank details of the nominator will only be stored for the necessary period of time (for processing the transfer).
      16. No data will be passed on to third parties.

      If you have any questions, simply send an email to