R1200R Background

A first glance at the prototype end muffler of the new R1200R

At the BMW Motorcycle Days 2015, we presented the electronically adjustable muffler sound systems for the R1200R LC from KessTech for the first time. Not only the look was very well received by the visitors, but also the furious sound and even more the optimized weight and performance in comparison to the original muffler. Furthermore, the driver can choose between different modes: is he wanting to take it a little easier, he can deactivate the sound system; here the valve is permanently closed and much quieter than the original muffler. To switch into the fun-mode, the driver can easily activate the sound system, only at the touch of a button. The introduction of the system is planned for the beginning of 2016.

Nowadays, KessTech is the market leader for electronically adjustable muffler sound systems.Highly motivated and highly specialized employees at the site in Obertheres develop and produce the high quality systems. Within the meantime KessTech has sold over 30.000 exhaust systems – in particular for motorcycles of the brand Harley-Davidson and now also BMW. KessTech has made its way into the scene and our offer is steadily rising.