Product Update Background

Product Update: Full-Volume Sound for the new Harley-Davidson 2018 Softail models


The new Softail models are sensational and the number one topic of every Harley talk during the last weeks. Everything is completely new. Besides the new chassis, all Softails are equipped with the new very powerful Milwaukee-Eight engine. All test reports summarize it clearly – a completely new and extremely improved driving experience. The only thing that is missing is the real Harley-Sound for the perfect ride. 

The Softails went through a complete technical revision and this has a huge impact on the sound. Together with the new mapping, new air filters and headers, the new Milwaukee-Eight engine known from the Touring models provides a totally new sound base for the Softails. We all know that a perfect sound needs to be very dull, low bassy and comfortably warm at the same time. Moreover, we even know that this is only possible with a lot of volume due to the huge new engine. This is what makes the new Softails unique. But that does not fit to anything that we have on shelf for other models or which was available on the market. There was only one conclusion possible, we do not make any compromises and therefore, we need to develop a completely new exhaust for the new Softail models. 

What does that mean for the KessTech Full-Volume Sound? 

It means that we are not satisfied with those things that simply do their job. We are only satisfied with the best for the new models. We do not adapt an existing exhaust for the new Softails, but have developed a very new exhaust with a lot of volume. For a reason, the original exhaust has its length – particularly to produce larger volume. Volume also means an exhaust with less obstacles, that may cause interferences inside the resonating body. Any parts inside the resonating body cause interferences and lead to high frequencies. Let’s be honest: nobody wants that. That is the reason why the valve in every KessTech exhaust is positioned at the end of the muffler. Furthermore, we chose the dimensions in a way that they fit perfectly to the design of the bike.

And what’s the status quo of the KessTech Full-Volume Sound now?

We finished development, construction and design for the silencers and end tips for all models (including Fat Bob). We also successfully passed all measurement tests that are required by the regulator. As you know, the interest of the public for Harley bikers and for our exhaust systems is steadily growing. Hence, we take everything very serious and work as accurate as possible to meet the requirements for the noise emissions, gas emissions and performance. Final stress tests are performed to rock the new season with a new and totally advanced product. Besides sound, we put lots of emphasis on performance. Not without a reason, already our MY2017 exhaust systems provide the best performance values on the market and give the same peak performance in all three ESE modes – no matter in which mode the valve is positioned. 

What may we expect from the new KessTech Softail exhaust? 

  • Full-Volume by fully exploited volume and valve at the end of the muffler
  • In every mode same top performance in the total rev range in every mode
  • Further advanced ESE for a smooth driving experience 
  • 3 modes (OFF, ON, MEDIUM)
  • Power-Feature in OFF and also in the MEDIUM mode
  • All 100% legal