KessTech Website Background

New KessTech website was well received


We not only continue to develop our exhaust systems, but our website as well. Therefore, we made some changes a few weeks ago to make the use intuitive and even easier and to offer lots of „Joy of Use“.

What‘s new?

A visit to the new KessTech website is a new experience due to the updated colours, now with black, white and gold, larger and more emotional images and clear design.

The focus of our new website is our improved and modernized configurator. Here we used great ideas and feedback from frequent users and our dealers. Our extensive and constantly growing product portfolio is now even easier to search. Not only can you configure the perfect exhaust system for your bike with just a few clicks, but you can also directly view the selection in a large preview. This configuration preview visualizes your personal, individual exhaust options and makes it easier for you to see if it reflects your taste and to find your own KessTech style.

Request for quote:
For the first time, the end customer is offered the opportunity to send his selected configuration to the dealer. In a clear document, all necessary data will be forwarded, thus simplifying the correspondence between dealer and end customer.

Dealer Search:
End customers can new find their favourite dealer much easier. By entering the street, postal code or city, immediately all the relevant positions are shown both in tabular form and on the map.

Mobile View:
Our new website has also been optimized for use with mobile devices.

The first positive feedbacks on our relaunch justify the efforts of the past months. It was worth the effort and we are very pleased with the result, because finally our website expresses what we live for at KessTech every day. 

We wish you lots of fun on the new KessTech website!