KessTech Sound Background

KessTech Sound comes to the Netherlands and Belgium


Finally, Dutch and Belgian Harley-Davidson and BMW riders have the opportunity to experience the unique KessTech sound. The KessTech sound enables riders to enjoy a very special and true experience. KessTech and GPProducts have team up to market the adjustable sound systems in the Netherlands and Belgium. The KessTech accessory exhaust systems impress because of their unmistakable, unique and completely legal sound, as well as because of the design that is influenced by the characteristics of the motorbike.

Christian Schütte, KessTech Managing Director, is delighted to be partnering with GPProducts. „We are very pleased that we have found for our launch such an established partner with Marc Goutziers of GPProducts. Marc is an exhaust expert for decades and he knows the Dutch and Belgian markets inside out. Over the last few months, Marc was extremely valuable in helping us prepare for our launch, offering advice based on his extensive experience. We are proud to have him as our partner.“

Marc Goutziers, founder of GPProducts, adds, „We are glad to bring this unique, deep KessTech sound to the Netherlands and Belgium. The KessTech exhaust takes the sound of a bike to a whole new level. The exhaust is compliant with all European laws and German-engineered KessTech exhaust system fits perfectly to our philosophy to constantly improve our customer’s driving experience.“

With the GPProducts, KessTech brings to the Netherlands and Belgium its electronically adjustable sound management system, ESM3, the flagship of KessTech’s product family. The just introduced ESM3 generates an unmatched and beautiful rumbling sound and if required and deactivated it is completely silent. With the ESM3, riders can activate or deactivate the sound management system at the touch of a switch in a ¼ second at any speed and in any gear and always legal. The system has an European license in all switch positions and is always legal. When the system is activated, the electronics control the sound and the volume completely automatically, so that all sound values and all performance values remain legal.

KessTech will offer the ESM3 systems for Harley-Davidson motorbikes and BMW R-series models. KessTech sound systems are developed and designed in Germany. The systems are assembled and quality controlled at the German manufacturing plant. Only highquality stainless steel is used for the systems, to ensure extreme robustness, a very long service life and functional duration.