KessTech Drags Background

KessTech Drags – Back to the future!


That feeling when you sit on your bike and become one with your bike. Boundless, free, self-determining. Pure freedom on two wheels.

Unfortunately, this feeling becomes more and more rare today. And that's a real pity, because that's exactly what biking is for us. The thing that made us bikers in the first place. We want that feeling again! And we'll get it back! The feeling from the good old days. Vintage, retro, old school. 

That's exactly what we're getting into now and today! And with the coolest pipes we've ever done. If not even the coolest adjustable exhaust system on the market. ;) 

World novelty: KessTech Drags – the first and only adjustable drag pipes on the market, which are absolutely legal today, at times of EURO4s! With Drags we combined the design of the good old days with the latest technology. Pure, simple design with a warm, soft, absolutely perfect Harley sound and at the same time totally quiet if you want to take it easy for yourself and your environment. 

Got curious? Then have a look at how Drags is doing on your bike!

A sound sample can be found here.

The Drags complete system will be available for almost all Softail models from MY18 for EUR 3,299 (incl. German VAT) Drags can be ordered right now. For Breakout and Fat Boy MY18 Drags will be available from mid-September. Further Softail models and as well as the MY19 models will follow. All Drags will have 2 Sound Modes (ON and OFF).