ESM3 Background

Finally ESM3!


Dear KessTech-Fans,

Finally, it is done! We proudly present our update regarding our new ESM3-system. In the meanwhile, we finished our work on the ESM3 system and now we are able to inform you about our delivery times.

For the actual and identical models (generally from building year 2012) the ESM3 is available from now on and it can be ordered from now on (except VRSC). We also have an offer for an upgrade for these models from ESM2 to ESM3 available. About the realization of ESM3 for other models we will inform you at the beginning of 2016.

The ESM3 increases the experience of riding your motorbike. By that, we provide much more sound experience and much more driving fun. The new ESM3 switches very smoothly between a warm and deep sound and a very gentle sound, which takes care of the environment. The great driving fun is secured by an extremely easy handling through the homologated button at the handlebar.

The actual EMS2 models will be superseded by the ESM3. After the introduction of the ESM3, every available system of the actual HD-models only will be available with the new system.