ESE Background



Vroom! In July 2017, once again we make sure that standstill and KessTech do not match and that we permanently improve the future perfection of our products.  The KessTech System ESM becomes ESE ("Easy" - Electronic Sound Experience)! ESE is not just an upgrade but a completely redesigned system that redefines the unique driving experience and provides the unmistakable exhaust sound you have come to expect from KessTech once again. During the 12-month development, we have been guided by your suggestions and input for improvement that you have provided over the last years. In order to make ESE a reality, we changed the button, reconstructed, and reprogrammed the electronics. At this point, we would like to thank you for your feedback and for supporting us in the continuing development of our exhaust systems. We proudly present ESE („Easy“) to the market at the BMW Motorrad Days 2017 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen for the first time! From then, ESE („Easy“) is deliverable and you can order it! All EURO4 BMW orders received starting 10.07.2017 will be delivered with ESE. Systems for EURO4 BMW models which currently are equipped with ESM3 are able to receive an upgrade to ESE at your local dealer.

What is ESE?
ESE (“Easy”) is based on the idea and the ambition to bring the biker's driving experience with an unique sound to perfection. ESE provides features that have been asked for a long time but also completely new features. For example, in addition to the OFF and ON modes, ESE is equipped with a third mode MEDIUM, in which the exhaust valve takes on an intermediate position and provides the rider with an additional, third, cleary distinguishable sound option. Additionall, there is a novelty - the Power-Feature: in the OFF mode, an additional burst of power is available if the rider demands it. ESE automatically detects when a rider suddenly requires more power (for example while overtaking or in a dangerous situation that requires immediate power) and delivers the additional power without that the rider has to change the mode. Furthermore, in the OFF mode, the same peak power is available as in the ON mode. Your driving adventures will be great fun because of the different sound modes and faster response of the new motors!

Everything ESE!
The interaction with the ESE („Easy“) system is intuitive – totally ESE. Regardless of the complex technology. When the motorcycle is switched on, ESE is by design in OFF mode, the button does not light up in this mode. If the button is pressed once, ESE switches to ON mode, the button lights up blue. Pressing a second time switches ESE to the MEDIUM mode, the button now lights up green. If the button is pressed a third time, ESE switches back to OFF.    

Obviously, ESE complies with all EURO4 legal requirements.

In summary the advantages of ESE once again:

  • >70% space saving thanks to the smallest electronics available on the market and the use of fewer components and thus an even easier installation
  • Higher quality, stylish and ergonomic operating switch made in Germany
  • Improved protection of the electronics (higher IP protection class), e.g. against water
  • Straightforward and intuitive operation
  • MEDIUM position that provides the rider with an additional and unmistakably discrete sound option whether in stand still or while driving
  • Similar performance with matching peak power in all modes
  • Very quiet in the OFF mode
  • Power-Feature - spontaneous power burst in OFF mode possible (overtaking, danger, ...)
  • Possibility to update the electronics software for future innovations

It's time to experience the original and unique driving experience with KessTech –  Take it ESE!