New features and improvements now for all KessTech EURO4 exhaust systems for BMW

The sad grey of winter has come to an end. The bikes are slowly taken out of the garage. Time to be prepared for the next motorcycle season. Therefore, the ESE BMW-Season-Start-19 Upgrade is a must!

This upgrade contains new functions, improvements and bugfixes for all BMW ESE software versions (= all EURO4 systems). It further optimizes the performance of the system and the individual driving experience:

  • Improvement of the AEP ("Active Engine Protection")
  • Power-Feature: Better distinguishing between the three sound modes, even at higher speeds
  • Adaptation of the system to individual driving styles

The ESE BMW-Season-Start-19 Upgrade is free! The electronic must be sent to KessTech to be upgraded. We recommend to install the new upgrade to avoid possible future problems.