Tyrol Background

Driving restrictions in Tyrol - Statement and all-clear signal from KessTech


From 10 June 2020 until 31 October 2020, "motorcycle noise restrictions" will apply on certain routes in Tyrol. These apply exclusively to motorcycles that have an idle noise level of more than 95dB(A) recorded in the vehicle documents. 

Since the prohibition was announced, we have received a lot of inquiries about what this means for motorcyclists with KessTech systems. To all KessTech drivers who have already worried about not being able to drive to Tyrol any longer: Here the all-clear comes! ;)

Since the 95dB(A) in Tyrol refer to the idle nouse level when measuring stationary noise, which is noted in the vehicle documents or on the vehicle's type plate, there is no connection to the KessTech systems, only to the OEM value. Even customers who have registered our systems always only have the OEM value in their vehicle documents. So as long as the registered values of the original vehicle are not higher than 95dB(A), there shouldn't be a problem. 

For the following vehicles, the value of the OEM stationary noise level is above 95dB(A), but below it when using a KessTech system (updated on 23th of June): Harley-Davidson FXDRS, Indian Motorcycle with TS111 as well as TS116. 
With immediate effect, we are supplementing our EC-type approval cards for the models concerned with our homologated idle noise level. 

If you already have such a system, we can provide you with a new EC-type approval card. Please send us a photo of your current EC-type approval card and your vehicle document as well as your address to contact@kesstech.de.
Legally, the EC-type approval card has no relevance. However, it will help you during controls and show that with the KessTech system there is at least no technical reason to prevent you from continuing your journey. 

By the way, with the valve closed, KessTech drivers are always quieter on the road than with the OEM! ;) So you can - whether in Tyrol or not - have fun driving and also show respect for your environment!