KessTech adjustable exhaust systems for motorbikes – Feel the Sound.

For more than 30 years KessTech inspires bikers and motorcycle riders around the world with our electronically adjustable exhaust systems. Our exhaust systems provide riders with a unique and very distinguished sound experience. With optimize the performance, eye catching design and moreover a unique, distinctive and unmistakable rich sound our exhaust systems are a must-have for every motorcyclist.

KessTech Adjustable Exhaust Systems

Fantastic exhaust sound – totally legal!

Our adjustable and intelligent exhaust systems has an „Electronic Sound Management System“ which is shortly called: ESM. The exhaust system is equipped with electronics that control the exhaust sound volume automatically and consequently regulate the sound volume within respective applicable laws. The sound exhaust is controlled depending on the engine rpm, driving speed and selected gear. In Europe, our exhaust systems have an EC type approval which complies with the European legislation.

KessTech Endcaps

From us for you!

We know that our customers are individuals that love to give their motorcycles a personal touch, and that attention goes into every detail.  Here at KessTech we work hard every day to come up with new designs and better sounding exhaust systems for our demanding customers in order to allow them to personalize their motorcycle and experience the unmistakable KessTech exhaust sound. The passion for riding and the attention to detail is reflected in our products. Here at KessTech we love our work as much as our customers love their bikes!

KessTech - Made in Germany

KessTech adjustable exhaust systems for motorbikes – Made in Germany

KessTech adjustable exhaust systems are developed, designed and assembled in Germany. We only use high-quality stainless steel for our exhaust systems. This ensures extreme robustness and a quality appearance during the life of the exhaust system. We provide a 4-year guarantee, 2 years more than the industry standard for our exhaust valve.

KessTech Adjustable Exhaust System on Harley Davidson

You will not believe your eyes and ears!

There is a lot to be said about a KessTech exhaust system, yet for the real experience, we encourage you come and see, touch and, above all, feel our exhaust systems for yourself. The best way to do this is at one of our numerous distribution partners near you. Or to visit us at one of the many bike shows and events that we provide for you. You will not believe your eyes and ears!

Important: KessTech is the inventor of manually and electronically adjustable aftermarket exhausts with Europe-wide EC type approval for motorcycles.